A Collection of Spells and MagicHundreds of Spells and Magic Rituals can be found within the pages of this ebook. Please note this is sent by PDF as an eBook. This eBook contains thousands of pages with information on every witchcraft topic you could think of including hundreds of spells. THE SPELLS Spells to Find Love A Spell to Evoke a Romantic Response A Spell to Win Affections A Spell to Make Love Grow A Spell to Revive Passion A Spell that has Worked for Many A Simple Spell 86 A Spell to Have Love Returned A Spell with No One Particular in Mind A Spell for New Love A Spell with Small Beginnings A Spell to Find Out a Lover’s Initials A Spell for Love Within the Month A Spell for True Love A Spell for the Lovelorn A Spell to Find Love for the First Time A Spell for When Love is Shaky A Spell to Keep a Lover Faithful A Spell Based on a Nursery Rhyme A Spell to Fill a Lonely Gap A Spell for Bakers A Spell for Those Who Change Their Minds A Colourful Spell that Takes a Week to Cast The Last Resort Spells For When Love is Dead A Spell to Say, ‘It’s Over!’ A Spell that is Bittersweet A Spell to Make Someone Accept the Inevitable A Spell for a Love that is Slowly Dying A Spell to Mend a Broken Heart Spells to Settle Arguments A Spell to Restore Friendship A Spell to Help Feuding Families A Spell to Stop Family Arguments A Spell for Friends Who Have Fallen Out A Spell for Burying the Hatchet A Spell to Mend a Lovers’ Quarrel Spells for Health A Spell to Restore Good Health A Spell for Healing A Healing Spell that Uses Knots A Spell with a Basket A Spell to Break Unhealthy Habits A Spell for Women of a Certain Age A Spell to Help Conquer Dependence A Kite Spell for Health Spells to Attract Money A Spell to Attract Cash A Spell to Make You Think About Money A Spell to Make a Money Bottle A Spell that Uses Seaweed A Spell to Cast on a Beach A Spell that Banishes Poverty A Spell that Reflects the Moon’s Power A Coin Spell to Bring Wealth A Spell that Asks for Prosperity Spells for Job Seekers A Spell for Those with Interviews in the Offing A Spell to Make that Dream Job Yours A Spell that’s Worth the Wait A Spell to Get the Right Job for You A Spell to Get a Career Moving A Spell to Cast on the New Moon A Spell to Make a Job Opportunity Come Knocking at Your Door A Miscellany of Spells A Spell to Counter Another’s Magic A Spell to Say Thank You A Spell to Give Advice A Spell to Encourage Self-Esteem A Spell to Ask for Courage A Spell for Those Seeking Forgiveness A Spell to Bless a New House A Spell for Those Keen to Make a Move A Spell for Nervous Travellers A Spell for the Businessperson A Spell to Inspire You A Spell that Has Inspired Many Others A Spell to Promote Peace A Spell for Smudgers A Spell to Return Unwanted Attention 1 A Spell to See a Rival on Their Way A Spell to Say, ‘No Thanks!’– I A Spell to Say, ‘No Thanks!’– II A Spell to Stop Tongues Wagging A Spell to Solve Problems A Spell to Recover Something that has Been Mislaid A Spell to Cast When a Pet Dies A Spell for Those Who Are Lonely A Spell to Ask for Whatever You Want A Spell to Ask for Luck A Spell to Cast When You Feel Threatened A Spell to Ask for Kindness A Spell that Asks the Leaves A Spell for Cat Lovers A Blessing What is an ebook?An eBook is a book-length publication in digital form, consisting of text, images, or both, and produced on, published through, and readable on computers or other electronic devicesThese eBooks can be viewed on any electronic device that can display PDF filessuch as Smartphones - Laptops - Pc's etc.....A copy of these ebooks will be sent to your email address unless otherwise stated in the order comments.Digital pictures are for illustration purposes onlyThis eBook does not contain any cross references, links, spyware, manipulation of cookies or any virus.Attention Staff: I am an Authorised Re-seller of this product and also the copyright holder or I have resale rights to this ebook or item. Full Resell Rights are Granted by the copyright owners to sell these E-books with Resell Rights or Master Resell Rights Granted! This ad complies with all rules and regulations. Note to Staff and buyers of this eBook: This eBook listing follows Policies, Vero Rules, and the Downloadable Media Policy, and does not infringe on any copyrights or trademarks, intellectual property rights to the best of my knowledge. This eBook does not contain any cross references, links, spyware, manipulation of cookies or any virus. PLEASE READ THE NOTE: This information is provided for educational/research purposes only and we will not be held responsible for the use to which others put it or for any losses incurred from the use of it. The item available is in no way designed to encourage piracy or theft or any illegal or immoral behaviour.

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